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How To Screenshots On PC with FastStone Capture And How to Crack It

FastStone Capture
Written by Varun Tara

FastStone Capture is a shareware program that allows you to do a lot with your screenshots and helps you to capture anything on your screen. FastStone capture can capture the full screen and the active Window, just as the same we do in Windows when we press the PrtSc Key. Fortunately, you can set the program to capture the mouse pointer if you want it to appear in your shot. It lets you draw an irregular shape you want and can capture only that area that comprises from the screen. It also helps us to capture a scrolling area, as in the case of multi-page document or a webpage. About this, I have to say that I was really impressed with its auto scroll mode, which makes this type of operation much easier than in any other similar utility I have seen. But, I also regret to say that it seems to have some trouble capturing non-static elements as animated GIFs and videos. You can set a fixed-size area to capture a Screenshot.

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FastStone Capture

Features of FastStone Capture

  • Faststone capture is easy to use.
  • It  has different methods to capture screenshots.
  • It has built in editor.
  • It can Capture Scrolling areas.
  • It has difficulty to capture scrolling areas when they comprise animated elements such as like GIF’s.

How To Take A Screenshot On PC Using FastStone Capture

Steps for using Faststone Capture

  1. If you don’t already have it, go to the website and download it. The trial version is good for 30 days. It comes in various formats. Choose the one you want.
  2. Install the software. If you got the zipped version, be sure that you have an unzipping program for it.
  3. Start up the program. More than likely, you will see a tiny dialogue box up in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
  4. Click on Print Screen. It is in the upper right hand portion of your keyboard. This will bring up the screenshot in the FastStone software.
  5. Look at the options that are available. There are quite a few.
    • Save As
    • Rectangle
    • Zoom In / Out
    • 100%
    • Draw
    • Caption
    • Edge
    • Resize
    • Paint
    • Crop
    • Cut/Copy/Paste
    • Email
    • Print
    • Word (Allows you to send it to Word, PowerPoint, or the Internet using FTP)
    • Close
  6. Click on the Paint icon if you want to do more than just copy the screenshot.Start marking up your screenshot. In this one, Select/crop, Shapes, Eraser, and Text were used to dress up the screenshot.

Download FastStone Capture With Crack Version Step By Step Guide

  • Click Here To Get FastStone Capture Software Link
  • Download Zip File For As Mentioned On ScreenShot.

Fast Stone Capture

  • Install Faststone Capture zip File .
  • After That One Pop up Window Appear On Your Screen To Enter Registration Code as Mentioned On Screenshot.

faststone capture

  • Click On Enter Registration Code And This Window Appears On Your Screen.

faststone capture

  • Click On Enter Registration Code And Enter Username = and Registration Code = AXLQA-RUMXN-LQIFF-YMYIN .

faststone capture

  • Enjoy Your Faststone Capture Software has been Cracked.

faststone capture


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