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Easy Steps to Make Money with Referral Marketing

Written by Varun Tara

Referral marketing is a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth. Just IMAGINE, how amazing it will be when you will refer people, friends or relatives to some of the sites. And in return, you will earn free cash for it. Referral Systems are also known as Paid Referrals. Isn’t it sounds amazing, that you are receiving cash by just referring people to the different sites. And those sites can be Shopping sites, Traveling Sites, Financial Sites, Technical Sites, Gym Referrals and so on. In this article, we are providing you the platform to make money online very easily with this simple task known as Referring. Mainly every company knows this that people trust their family and friends and their pals more than an AD on TV or somewhere else. And this also shows that why word of mouth has been and still is the most effective form of advertise. By which companies found the Referral Marketing as one the best way.  And all of the above it reduces the cost of Advertising by other forms. So, this is the main reason which gives birth to the Paid Referral Marketing Programs. 

Paid Referral Marketing

It is exactly what it sounds like, you get paid for bringing in new customers to a company or a website.

The companies instead of spending a lot of money on advertising choose the Paid Referral Systems in which they reward their customers to refer the people. This Referral System gives such a good response to companies according to the other form of advertisements.

Methods To Work With Paid Referral Systems

Now, The amount which you receive by referring people depends on some crucial factors:

Form of Payments :-

Every companies have their terms and conditions to work with them. So, by following the rules some companies pay by PayPal, some by check, others let you redeems your earning with gift cards and other prizes.

Ways You Get Paid :-

  • Some companies will pay you a set amount, once.
  • Some companies will pay you a recurring commission for every month/year the person who you referred stays a customer.
  • Other companies will allow you percentage of the referral products or services.

List Of Some Sites For Paid Referral Marketing System

Here are the few companies and sites,


uber refer and earn

This giant service that serves as something of the new form of taxis in the 21st century is known for fast, reliable service (but the cost sure can add up!).

Every time someone uses your referral code, you’ll get a discount towards your next ride.

If you can get the word out there in a big way, then you might be able to get around town free for a while!

SmartyPig :

SmartyPig refer and earn

By far the most obscure service in the financial section, SmartyPig is a service where you allocate funds for a project (like an online piggy bank).

You declare a goal and pursue it, whether that means saving up for a TV or a trip overseas.

SmartyPig will give you $10 per referral, but you can refer 100 people.

Dish Network :

dish network refer and earn

You’ll get $50 per referral with 10 referrals allowed per year.

Dish also offers an initial incentive of 5 free PPV movies on your first referral, so it’s worth your time to recommend at least one person you know.

iTunes :

itunes refer and earn

To start, I couldn’t find the exact rate that you make in commissions on iTunes.

However, that doesn’t disqualify it from the possibilities since you can link to so many different kinds of media (everything from movies to music.)

You might want to sign up to this one just for the variety.

Amazon Prime :

Amazon Prime refer and earn

The Amazon Prime referral program is kind of like a light version of the Amazon Affiliates program.

You get $5 Amazon credit for each Prime member you refer who makes a $5 purchase.

Valued Opinions :

Valued Opinions refer and earn

This is a survey-exclusive site that wants people to give feedback on products and other consumer interests.

You get $2 per person joined, on the stipulation that they first complete 2 surveys.


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